Will Rut Come Late in 2013 As Predicted?

If there is a time of the year that is exciting to any hunter, it is the rut period. During this time of the year, the white bucks enter into their mating mood and chase their female counterparts without a worry. This makes the hunters work extremely easy. For the year 2013 and as per rut predictions, November is that special rut hunting month for any hunter with a passion in killing white bucks. November is “the rut period”.

Hunters are obsessed with almost anything that has to do with rut. Many of them often want to know when it begins, how to recognize the beginning of such a period and how they to make use of this season to the fullest.


For every year, there are different predictions on rut depending on the lunar calendar. At Twin Hunts, we are obliged to share these predictions alongside others with you so that you will be able to have an idea of when rut begins.  According to Charles Alsheimer, a man famous for making rut predictions and has an over sixteen years of study and experience in rut timing and Wayne Laroche, a wildlife biologist, a factor which triggers rut is the second full moon which comes around after the Autumn equinox. This moon known as “the rutting moon” and is useful as an indicator of the rut season’s peak.

When will rut take place in 2013? Alsheimer’s Lunar calendar mentions some basics on the first phase of 2013 rut period. These basics are such as the rutting moon. Predictions indicate that the rutting moon will appear in late November 17th unlike last year when it appeared in October 29th. This means that the rut will come at a later time as compared to last year. In the North, it can accurately be stated that rut will be between November 14th and 25th with breeding being at its peak around the 29th of November.

If you are a hunter, it means that you will have a prime time for hunting during the first two weeks of November. The best time for hunting will however be on the fourth week of November.

What do we think at Twin Hunts?

At Twin Hunts, we must admit that we are still not sure of the accuracy of the recent rut predictions for 2013. This is because even after following rut predictions for the past five years, we still have no clear proof of correlation. However, it is true that breeding in the northern part of the country takes place in consistent periods of time throughout the year. However, there may be a ray of truth in regard to rut predictions and its impact on hunting.

As much as it is not advisable to change already planned hunting vacations to meet the predicted rut dates, it will be good to have some curiosity and notice how things turn to be.

What are your thoughts?

After much has been said, what are your thoughts on Alsheimer’s rut predictions? Do you believe that the predictions will come to pass? Do you have any worries over the lateness of rut as predicted? Let other hunters know what you think by posting your comments here!

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  1. Will Rut Come Late in 2013 As Predicted? What's your prediction?

  2. The full moon closest to the first day of fall, either side. First day of fall Sept 22nd, nearest full moon is Sept. 19th (harvest moon) go forward to the next full moon (hunters moon) Oct. 19th than move forward to the new moon (dark or no moon) Nov. 4. The best week (chase phase) Nov. 2nd to Nov. 9. Check the fish and game forecaster for best hours on those days, you’ve got my plan. Be in the right spot during the right time, stack the deck.

  3. I am very skeptic about hunting and fishing theory's. I have a scientific background and have read a couple of Charlies books. Spending a lot of time in the woods and taking close note to his predictions I have found them to be very accurate. There are defiantly reasons why things happen the way and the time that they do. People that rely on the same date every year I think is foolish. Dear cant read calenders from year to year therefor they have to be influenced by something else to get them going. I think there are factors like unseasonably warm temperatures that will dampen deer activity and make the rut less intense at the time. Which may happen when the moon phases land in late October. But as far as deer relating to moon phase to decide when the time is right I will stand by it.

  4. Although I do hope the predictions stated above are correct, I believe the rut may start earlier in the northeast and midwest. I agree moonphase plays a role in rut acticvity, I also feel that weather is another key role. Here in Wisconsin there has been a recent cold snap (happy it’s here) and the extended range forecast, if you can credit it, shows cold may be here to stay (hope it does). With that it may trigger action sooner. In recent years there has been a variance in the wheater patterns that have haulted the rut because of warm weather. I just hope it can stay cool so the big boys con stay hot and heavy consistantly. best if luck out there!
    Pick a Hair, Put Your Arrow There!

  5. Jonathan StagenameJackson Logan says:

    I'm hoping for a really good year!

  6. I'm getting ready to go hunt next weekend.i hope for a really good also?

  7. joey I hope u the best and love ya

  8. hunting in pa has been realy slow hope it picks up soon

  9. I have never followed a rutt prediction-might keep in mind the 2nd full moon after the autumn equinox-seems i have been out all of November practically-it has been slow in the northern part of Wi, so it must have some kind of truth=we'll find out-going out this weekend-expecting to see some good activity-good luch hunters-think this prediction is spot on!

  10. Jeff Fortin says:

    November 16 2013…..rut is later than usual it seems here in ri…just now starting to see rutting actjvity….truth??

  11. Here in central North Carolina, I hunt nearly every day and have not seen a single "chase" yet this season. Rubs and scrapes are finally beginning to appear in the woods and just saw two bucks fighting over a doe on Friday. We have had some unseasonably warm days but even on the cold ones….small bucks wandering around and does without pursuers….My prayer and prediction is that things get a lot better this week.

  12. I really do think the rut will come late in TN

  13. Chris Driskell says:

    i witnessed “chases” way back in archery season. have not seen a single buck chase a doe to even close to what would be considered the “rut”. went out this morning and saw the same little 4 point i have been seeing since September and a doe with her 2 yearlings. i have been noticing alot more rubs and have seen a scrape or two.

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