Texas Hog Hunting

According to statistics from state officials, the population of feral hogs in Texas is approximately 2 million. This high population is the cause of the highly destructive nature of these animals. Statistics estimate that hogs cause damages worth about 400 million dollars each year. Hogs tear up lawns and farm fields as they search for foodstuffs such as acorns and grubs. Some road accidents have been attributed to these animals. Some vehicle owners have knocked down hogs as they try to cross roads causing harm to themselves and their vehicles. For this and many other reasons, hunting feral hogs appeals to many hunters across Texas. Other reasons why hunters love going after hogs are:

  1. They have a high population in Texas: When population of the big game animals in Texas is considered, feral hogs are the second highest in number.
  2. They have an all year open season: Feral hogs can be hunted throughout the year because of the all year open season.
  3. They are delicious: Those who have been lucky enough to hunt down feral hogs confess that they are highly delicious and tasty. This is the motivating factor behind many hunters going after them.

As per Statistics, half of feral hog population in the United States is from Texas. As such, if you reside in Texas and love hunting, you better go out there and hunt some hogs! The best hunting season for feral hogs is spring! The number of hogs roaming around without caution increases during this season. Also, the vegetation at this time of the year is very sparse giving hogs false sense of security and making it easy to hunt them down. In spring, farm owners in Texas suffer heavy losses because of the destructive nature of these hogs.

FeralHogs_3Hogs can be best hunted using bows because bows make it easy to kill hogs. As such, while spring time last use your bows to get yourself a meal of hogs!  Killing hogs is not an easy ride due to their advanced sense of smell and hearing. A hog will most likely detect a hunter from a far off distance. Even with your bows and arrows, you will still have to stalk so as to get a perfect shot without raising the attention of the hog. There are times when it becomes extremely difficult to stalk hogs and it is when they move around in groups known as “sounders”. Such grouping of hogs consists of many ears and noses that can identify the presence of a hunter and raise an alarm.

The best places for hog hunting are spots close to deer feeders and deer stand locations. Hogs can also be hunted at night because they are nocturnal. When you hunt for hogs, you are not only hunting for food but also helping a great deal in the conservation of the environment. It is indeed true that when left to roam freely, hogs ruin agricultural lands and degrade riparian areas at much faster rates than man can manage to restore.

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